workshop « integrated assessment models»

  1. 1.Goals

The Jean Monnet Module and CNRS Workshop has four goals :

(i) improve the state-of-the-art of IAMs, in order to provide robust and transparent assessments to support the design and evaluation of all mitigation policies – including those on energy efficiency and renewables – in the short to mid-term.

(ii) use of ensembles of Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), covering the entire economy, all greenhouse gases, the wide range of climate, energy and other sectoral policies contributing to decarbonisation.

(iii) provide new and more comprehensive scientific knowledge on the design, requirements, governance and impacts of climate action at national, European and global level.

(iv) foster innovative policy-making through robust methodologies and tools and reduction of uncertainties by involving stakeholders.

(v)  create a network on IAM with PhD, Post-Doc and Researchers fellows to discuss and improve skills for modeling and prospecting scenarios.

  1. 2.Organization

The CNRS Workshop is organized by CERDI (UMR 6587) and OR2D.

Five days of discussions on modeling and challenging IAM from technical, economical and political points of view. The training is free for the CNRS members and PhD. All the others researchers have to pay 150 euros for the workshop.

  1. 3.Registration

The Workshop is opened to PhD, Post-doc and researcher fellow. Please send the registration form and a document (one page) to present your research and to explain why your coming is relevant to this event. Send them to Arnaud Diemer and Ganna Gladkykh

before May 15th :

                                     Registration Ecole CNRS 2018

  1. 4.Program

          Monday, 18th

      IAM: Introduction, Role of the Models

09h 00- 09h 30            Summer School Opening - Registration

            Arnaud DIEMER, Ganna GLADKYKH (CERDI, UCA)

09h 00 - 11h 30     William NORDHAUS (Yale University, USA), IAM, DICE AND RICE

13h30 - 14h45      Jean-Charles HOURCADE (CIRED, France), IAM : Challenges and Prospects

14h45   - 16h00     Vuuren VAN DETLEF (PBL,Netherlands)  IMAGE Model

16h30  - 17h45     Salim BELYAZID (Stockholm University, Sweden), RAINS Model

17h45  - 19h00     Dimtriy YUMASHEV (Lancaster University, UK), PAGE Ice Model

Tuesday, 19th

IAM : Technical and Methodological Challenges

09h 00 - 10h 15      Nico BAUER (PIK, Germany): REMIND Model

10h 15  - 11h 30    Charles HEAPS (SEC, USA) : LEAP Model

13h 30 - 14h 45      Leonidas PAROUSSOS (NUA, Greece): GEM – 3E Model

14h 45- 16h 00      Matthew GIDDEN (IIASA, Austria): MESSAGE Model

16h 30  - 18h 30     IAMs’ World Café (PhD students present their models in the small discussion groups.

                                Experienced IAM modelers join each group at different times to give comments,           

                                ask questions, etc.)

Wednesday, 20th

IAM: Transdisciplinary Challenges

09h 00 - 10h 15    Nuno VIDEIRA (New University of Lisbon, Portugal) : Participatory Modeling

10h 15 - 11h 30     Ulrich GOLUKE (Blue Way), Jorgen RANDERS (NBI), MODCAP, A general Dynamic Model

13h 30 - 14h 45     Hector POLLITT (Cambridge University, UK): E3ME Model

14h 45- 16h 00     Patrick CRIQUI (GAEL, France), Implementation of transitions, Science and Policy Decisions

16h 30 - 18h 30    Discussion with  Jenneth PARKER (Schumacher Institute, UK),

                                        Philosophy and methodology for transdisciplinary modelling


20h 30 - 22h 30    Walk into the Vulcano

Thursday, 21th

IAM:  Policy-Making Challenges

09h 00 - 10h 15    Valeria Jana SCHWANITZ (Western Norway University), Evaluation of Integrated Assessment Models

10h 15 -  11h 30    Jacques DESPRES (JRC, Europe) : POLES Model

13h 30  - 14h 45    Peter DOGSE (UNESCO), Climate Change, Stakeholders and Models

14h 45 - 16h 30     Antonin VERGEZ, Quentin DESLOT (CGDD), TITAN Model

                               Quentin DESLOS (DGEC), Scenarios for Energy & Climate


                                  Paulo CASACA, Jan DHAENE, Ilona GRAENITZ, Eva QUISTORP

Friday, 22th

IAM: Future prospects

                                                               Conference at the top of PUY de DOME

09h 30 - 10h 45    Aurélie MEJEAN (CIRED, France), IMACLIM Model, Equity and Climate Policies

10h 45 - 12h 00    Christophe CASSENS (CIRED, France), Organizing Policy relevant knowledge for climate action:


14h 00 - 15h 00    Summarizing discussion (lead by Ganna GLADKYKH, Nathalie SPITTLER)

                                                         Future agenda IAM modellers and policy-makers 

  1. 5. Informations 

Paris - Clermont Ferrand by car «Blabla car» :

Paris - Clermont Ferrand by train :

Paris - Clermont Ferrand by bus :

Paris - Clermont Ferrand by plane :

It’s possible to come to Clermont- Ferrand via Lyon.

The Workshop is located :

Espace Volcans

Route Col de la Moreno

63122 Saint-Gènes Champanelle, France

Phone: 0033(0)473622.00

(15 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand)



Arnaud Diemer :

Ganna Gladkykh :

Nathalie Spittler :

Florian Dierickx :


To participate to the workshop, send the registration form and a document (one page) to present your research and explain why your coming is relevant to this event.



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